What do you need help with?

If you're having a problem, make sure you are using the latest version of sixtyforce.

If you lost your registration email, have it re-emailed to you.

If you're confused by game saving, try reading a better explanation.

If you're trying to setup a USB game controller click here for more information.

If you think you've found a bug in sixtyforce please submit a bug report.

Frequently asked questions about sixtyforce:

Where can I download games?

I can't tell you how to get games cartridges onto your computer. There are devices you can use to do it legally, but the laws are different depending on where you live and I don't want to give anyone bad advice. There are plenty of other places on the internet that can help you figure out how to acquire cartridges legally.

How can I make sixtyforce run faster?

sixtyforce will run its best if you have no other applications running while using it. Anything you leave open will use your computer's resources. (For example: Even an empty Safari window open in the background can slow sixtyforce down.)

Time Machine is notorious for slowing down your computer when it's backing up. If you use Time Machine, enable the Time Machine menu in the menu bar and you can stop any backup that starts while using sixtyforce.

The 'High resolution graphics' option can make some specific games run very slowly, so try turning it off. This can happen even on a computer with extremely fast graphics.

Why is the sound skipping or stuttering?

You will hear pops and skips if the emulation's timing is off. This can happen if sixtyforce is running too quickly or too slowly. Make sure 'Enable Speed Limiter' is selected in the 'Options' menu to prevent it from running too quickly. Quit all other applications while running sixtyforce and disable 'High resolution graphics' if it is running too slowly.

Why doesn't [fill in the blank] work?

Emulation is hard. If a specific game isn't working, it's likely because there's a glitch in the emulation. Every release of sixtyforce has improved compatibility, so make sure you are using the latest version.

Note: If your game cartridge has been patched or modified in any way, this may actually prevent it from working in sixtyforce. You may also want to check the compatibility list to see if there are any notes on how to get a specific game working.

A game is complaining the controller pack is damaged?

Some games don't like how sixtyforce emulates memory packs. You can switch the controller to a rumble pack in the 'Options' menu and the game will probably stop complaining.