This is an incomplete compatibility list for sixtyforce 2.0.2.

All games tested are the USA versions.
Non-USA versions of the same games may not work correctly.

Game Compatibility Notes
1080 Snowboarding great
Aerogauge great
Army Men: Sarge's Heroes great
Banjo-Kazooie great
Banjo-Tooie great
Blast Corps good
  • minor graphics problems
Bomberman Hero great
ClayFighter 63 1/3 great
Conker's Bad Fur Day good
  • major graphics problems
Diddy Kong Racing great
  • adventure 2 is not playable
Disney's Tarzan bad
  • major graphics problems
Donkey Kong 64 great
Earthworm Jim 3D good
  • sound problems
F-Zero X great
  • minor graphics problems
Gex: Enter the Gecko great
Gex 3: Deep Cover Gecko great
Glover great
Golden Eye good
  • minor timing problems
  • graphics problems
Harvest Moon 64 good
  • after playing a while you will need to save in-game and reset to avoid possible crashes
Jet Force Gemini good
  • minor graphics problems
Kirby 64 great
Mario Kart 64 great
Mario Party 1 great
Mario Party 2 great
Micro Machines 64 Turbo great
  • minor graphics problems with shadows
Paper Mario good
  • graphics problems
Perfect Dark bad
  • major graphics problems
Pokemon Snap bad
  • cannot move the camera on the first level (just let it roll through), but the camera will be moveable on later levels
  • graphics problems
Rampage: World Tour great
Ready 2 Rumble bad
  • major graphics problems
Resident Evil 2 bad
  • major graphics problems
Ridge Racer 64 great
  • rearview mirror is blank
San Francisco Rush great
Star Fox 64 great
Star Wars: Rogue Squadron bad
Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire good
Super Mario 64 great
Super Smash Bros. great
The World Is Not Enough bad
  • major graphics problems
Turok: Dinosaur Hunter great
Wave Racer great
Yoshi Story bad
  • major graphics problems
Zelda: Majora's Mask good
  • graphics problems
Zelda: Ocarina of Time great
  • minor graphics problems