sixtyforce 1.0.2

This version requires Mac OS X 10.8 (Mountain Lion) or later.

What's new in this version of sixtyforce:

* Added automatic cursor hiding while the emulator is running.
* Added larger file icons.
* Improved support for Japanese cartridges.
* Fixed several bugs with UI calls happening outside the main thread.
* Fixed a memory leak when the FPS counter is displayed.
* Fixed a possible crash with the preferences window.
* Replaced a number of deprecated APIs with modern equivalents.
* Removed support for 32-bit versions of Max OS X.

What's new in this version of SFGL:

* Added YUV texture conversion.
* Fixed a bug with texture rectangles using the wrong size texture.
* Fixed a bug where textures could be released from the cache while they were still in use.
* Fixed a bug with textures not fully loading.
* Fixed several bugs that cause corrupted textures.
* Fixed several texture conversion bugs.
* Fixed several bugs that prevented framebuffers from being properly written to memory.
* Fixed many bugs with sprites and sprite background drawing.
* Fixed a memory leak with glBufferData.