sixtyforce 1.0 release notes

This version requires Mac OS X 10.6 or later on an Intel Mac.

What's new in this version of sixtyforce:

* Moved controller settings into the preferences window and built a new interface.
* USB controllers can now have more than one configuration.
* Controller configuration now includes calibration when necessary.
* Added controller defaults for the PS4 controller.
* Game freezes now run automatically when opened.
* Opening game freezes will now disable auto-saving without asking.
* Code cache now recycles blocks.
* New low-level graphics processing.
* Automatic switching to the new low-level graphics when SFGL can’t handle a microcode.
* Modernized OpenGL code.
* Added a new timing mode to fix some major compatibility problems.
* Added several new dsp instructions and fixed some old ones.
* Added a check and warning for the required OpenGL extensions.
* Fixed some emulation compatibility problems that prevented some games from booting.
* Fixed problems with 32-bit video modes.
* Fixed some bugs with video modes that could cause crashes.
* Fixed a problem with QuickLook previews not displaying.

What's new in this version of SFGL:

* Added new low-level graphics processing.
* Rewrote blending. Much more accurate.
* Rewrote the texture caching. Much faster.
* Improved alpha comparison.
* Improved framebuffer emulation.
* Improved microcode detection.
* Improved video mode emulation.
* Modernized everything for the OpenGL 3.2 API.
* Fixed a problem where some graphics modes reset properties they shouldn't.
* Fixed a bug that caused textures to stretch and scale improperly.
* Fixed several other texture mapping glitches.
* Fixed a major clipping problem.
* Fixed some possible crashes when processing bad display lists.
* Fixed a possible crashing bug with video modes.
* Other bug fixes.