sixtyforce 0.9.6 release notes

This version requires Mac OS X 10.5 or later on an Intel Mac.

There are a huge number of improvements including...

* Application improvements.

* 64-bit Intel support.
* Code-signed for Mountain Lion.
* Updated to use modern APIs everywhere possible.
* USB game controllers can now be plugged and unplugged with sixtyforce running.
* Added default settings for several new game controllers.
* Improved freeze state reliability.
* Fixed a bug that caused stereo audio to have the left and right channels swapped.
* Lots of other bug fixes.

* Emulation improvements.

* 64-bit addressing code generation.
* Fixed bugs in the emulation core.
* Fixed rounding mode issues.
* Fixed bugs with unmasked interrupts.
* Updated to use modern memory protection.
* Improved boot emulation.

* Graphics improvements.

* Faster texture conversions and non-power-of-two textures.
* Improved state saving and restoring.
* Fixed some color combiner problems.
* Fixed some scissoring problems.
* Fixed some near-clipping problems.
* Fixed the GoldenEye sky.
* Basic Conker's Bad Fur Day support.
* Began implementing real frame buffer support.
* Removed obsolete preferences.

Note: This version has removed support for PowerPC Macs and the iShock controller force feedback.